Case Study

Network Engineering



Reducing the number of ECUs in the car, going towards “Tesla” oriented architecture where there is only 1 or 2 ECUs with multiple functions.

Software Platform

Requirements definition

Release DBCs, ARXMLs and LDFs

Assure Network Quality KPIs

Tasks / Responsibilities

Requirements definition

Implementation guidelines

Communication matrix

Communication guidelines

Technical Review

Design Review

Technical specifications

Toolchain / Technologies




AUTOSAR Explorer


IBM Doors

IBM Rhapsody

ECU capabilities

First Milestone

ECU number target

Helping OEMs Grow with Technology

By driving innovation, enhancing operational efficiency, fostering long-term partnerships, and providing training and education, CONCEPTHYPE makes a significant impact on OEMs’ success.

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Security Event Manager

SEM needs to build from
scratch, fully tested and documented in 6 months.

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Rapid Prototyping

Prototype a functional ECU in just 4 months with full responsibility on BSW.

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Functional Safety Concepts

Define and create Functional Safety guidelines for an ASIL B project based on TC3XX uC in 6 months.

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