Case Study

Crypto Stack Integration


As vehicles become more connected and autonomous, ensuring the security and integrity of data and communications becomes crucial.

Battery Management System ECU

Integrate and Configure HSM and Crypto Stack

Deliver the first functionality (Secure Diagnostics) in 4 months

Feature complete in 12 months

Tasks / Responsibilities



Code implementation (Embedded C)

Secure Boot

Secure Diagnostics

Secure Communication

Secure Authentication

Toolchain / Technologies

DaVinci Configurator

DaVinci Developer



Lauterbach Trace32



Infineon Aurix TC37X

First Delivery

Feature Complete


Customer Satisfaction

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Security Event Manager

SEM needs to build from
scratch, fully tested and documented in 6 months.

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Rapid Prototyping

Prototype a functional ECU in just 4 months with full responsibility on BSW.

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Functional Safety Concepts

Define and create Functional Safety guidelines for an ASIL B project based on TC3XX uC in 6 months.

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