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As the Automotive industry undergoes significant technological disruption, consulting services related to electric vehicles (EVs), autonomous driving, and connected car technologies have gained prominence. CONCEPTHYPE provides guidance on the integration of these technologies, including assessing the feasibility and impact of EV adoption, developing business models for mobility services, and navigating the regulatory landscape surrounding autonomous vehicles.


Requirements Engineering

A crucial role in ensuring that the final system meets the needs and expectations of its stakeholders.

  • System Requirements Engineering

  • Software Requirements Engineering

  • Change Management

  • Cyber Security Management (ISO 21434)

  • Functional Safety Management (ISO 26262)
  • Process Engineering & Optimization – ASPICE
  • DevOps
  • Customer interface



Architecture & Design

The foundation and roadmap for creating a well-structured, functional, and scalable solution.


  • System Architecture Engineering
  • Software Architecture Engineering
  • Module and Unit Detailed Design
  • DV/PV
  • Integration
  • Quality Assurance

Software defined vehicle

Transforming vehicles from hardware to a connected service platform.

  • HW Design

  • MCAL Integration & Configuration
  • FULL AUTOSAR BSW Integration & Configuration
  • SIP Integration

  • RTE Configuration

  • Diagnostics & Communication Matrix definition, configuration and integration
  • Embedded development (Low-level drivers, application)
  • All levels Testing – V-Cycle

Autonomous and Connected vehicle

 The future of transportation, revolutionizing the way we travel and interact with vehicles

  • Over the air update (OTA)

  • Flash bootloader configuration & integration
  • HSM updater configuration & integration
  • V2X – Vehicle to Everything
  • V2V – Vehicle to Vehicle
  • V2I – Vehicle to Infrastructure
  • Application development ( Model based / manual)
  • ADAS expertise


Cyber Security

Preventing various cybersecurity threats, including unauthorized access to vehicle systems, data breaches, and potential manipulation of critical ECUs.

  • ISO 21434R155, and R156
  • Cybersecurity Concept Creation

  • Cybersecurity Goals (TARA)

  • Cybersecurity Case & Plan

  • Compliance Matrix
  • Crypto Stack Integration & Configuration
  • HSM Configuration
  • Secure Diagnostics (SecDiag)
  • Secure Communication (SecOC)
  • Secure Variant Coding
  • Secure Boot & Flashing

Functional Safety

Prevention and mitigation of hazards caused by malfunctions or failures in a system’s functionality.

  • ISO 26262

  • Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment(HARA)
  • Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment(TARA)
  • Technical Safety Concept
  • Safety Analysis
  • Safety Manual
  • Safety Mechanisms
  • Requirements Engineering
  • D-FMEA Management
  • FTA
  • Safety Validation
  • FUSA in System, Software, Hardware and Testing

Case Studies

Crypto Stack Integration

Crypto Stack and HSM needs to be integrated and configured in just 4 months.

Battery Management System ECU

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Security Event Manager

Security Event Manager feature needs to build from scratch, fully tested and documented in 6 months.

Instrument Cluster ECU

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Rapid Prototyping

Prototype a functional
ECU in just 4 months with full responsibility on BSW and Cyber Security.

Seat Belt ECU

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